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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If the shoe fits....

I was pleasantly surprised today with how comfortable my new shoes were.  They fit well - stayed on when I walked - and they had absolutely no scratchy or "rubbie / rubby??" areas.  Just all around great feeling shoes with good support and stylish to boot (excuse the pun).

Disclaimer- I'd bought them yesterday at a consignment shop - one of my favorite places that has consistently delivered for 10 years now.  If they had been worn, it was very little wear as the sole was without wear - without any wear.  They drew me to them as they were the black dress shoes with a-little-heel that I've been looking for but that have been eluding me.  And they were kind of cool in a stylish way that said - we're a little sassy but traditional enough.  What - your shoes don't talk to you?!

Imagine my amazement when I finally look up the designer of these podiatry accessories sent straight from heaven and find that for a mere $15 I've bought $200 to $400 shoes!!

Wow What a find!  I'm getting over my Eddie Bauer lustings quite easily with such a thrifty find.

May God lead and Bless your shoe shopping as He has mine.  

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  1. Those are really good lookin' shoes! ...and what a bargain too.