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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting ready to fly

We're flying tomorrow for the first time with the boys.  I'm a tiny bit concerned that they may have issues with the pressure change and the popping of their ears but I know that I shouldn't worry - what kid isn't going to want to chew lots of gum - because their ears need to pop of course ... I fear this may follow us home and become a new excuse.

We're flying to Madison Wisconsin for the US Transplant Olympics.  My husband is an athlete in the games.  He's doing a 5K and a swimming relay - though as a dear friend clarified - he's not in it to win it.  He's in it to be part of the experience ... to show that you can undergo a transplant and have a life afterward.  He's probably the most healthy and in the best shape now.  It's funny how much the value of health becomes obvious when it's taken away for a time.

I'm glad he's participating in this incredible event.  I'm glad that he's here with us and able to.  And I'm glad we can be there to support him.  But most of all I'm glad that God used the transplant of my husbands liver to transplant Himself in my husbands heart.  He was saved through the experience realizing that he wasn't in control.  Now, God's in control of it all and it is prospering mightily - as only things that God controls do.  

We're blessed further because his donor was a friend and the transplant was a living donor transplant (liver's regenerate to the size needed by the body).  So we'll be enjoying the games with his donor and her husband as well.

Consider giving the gift of life by being an organ donor and saving someone else's husband - someone else's Daddy.  


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  1. Wow, what an amazing story. So beautiful! I never thought much about organ donation till now. Thanks for sharing this.