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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My boy is a communal sleeper ...

We have had the nicest bedtime routine since we could have a bedtime routine with the oldest.  Baths or at least teeth brushing - ok sometimes we even skip that - but we do always read a story and say our prayers.  We've started doing catechism questions also thanks to our godly pastors wife who provided the neatest books with which to do that.  We are learning at the same time as the boys and it amazes me how much my oldest knows / gets about God and Jesus and Holy Spirit and how it all fits together and governs and guides.  So proud!

Now with said oldest, we'd go through our routine, hugs and kisses and off to dream land for him.  And it worked - from early on - even when he had a cold.  He was a pretty much sleep-on-your-own kid from quite early on.  Of course he was not a napper since early on too - so there was probably some exhaustion factor at work there.

With youngest - well - he is a napper and a darn good one!  After lunch to late afternoon.  Weekends are a different story usually because we're on-the-go enjoying the time together.  But during the week he's very structured and naps well.  Which leads to "but I'm not sleepy" after our very nice bedtime routine.  He stays in bed for a while then has some excuse to why he no longer wants to stay in bed - I'm not tired, it's too dark, it's too light, I'm scared, but I want to watch TV, etc. etc.

This evening for instance, after stories and prayers he climbed in his bed, had his George monkey to hug, I turned on his car light (cute little one bulb low wattage light that with the heat of the bulb causes the shade with cars to spin around and thus the cars to "drive" around his room) - all set - not too light - not to dark - fingers crossed - and heading downstairs for some bible study.

And a bit later - arrival of son - but I'm not tired and it's scary in my bed.  Ok. So we have him lay on the couch - no snacks, no fun, just lay on the couch and hug monkey.  He's good with this and falls asleep within a few minutes - peacefully.  

  • At the babysitters he naps in a room with other kids, and falls asleep easily
  • When we vacation and he sleeps in the big bed with his brother, and falls asleep easily
  • When we camp we all sleep in a row of sleeping bags, and he falls asleep easily

Maybe he just wants that tiny bit of extra time with us and wants to know that we - or someone is there.

Is it really that bad?  Didn't families all sleep in the same room in years gone by?  

I think he's a communal sleeper and honestly, if he falls asleep well and peacefully and is not in danger and is easily transferred to his bed when we go to bed - I may choose my battles and let this one go - and wait for a more pressing calling...

Blessings and Sweet Dreams - even if they are communal


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  1. I think you are a right in thinking as long as he is sleeping. When he is in HS, I am sure he will be in his own bed and you will miss these days!