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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Maybe we're a good luck charm...

That's probably inflated head thinking of me - but on the rare occasion that we attend a sporting event it always seems that the team wins.  A few weekends ago T (6yo) attended a friends soccer game and her team won - I think for the first time that season!  Yesterday we went to a MLB game and they won - against a team that they lost to the day before and I believe lost to the day after and ... let's face it ... their record is ... well ... they loose a lot.

I'm sorry all you real fans but we're not going to start watching professional sports on TV or regularly attending games, but on the off chance that we do attend we usually have a really nice time.  Probably partly because we get the tickets either free or at a very reduced rate and only have to purchase food and drink.  So it's cheap and fun entertainment, well relatively speaking.  If I was actually paying full price I probably wouldn't have as much fun.

This past weekend was my husbands company day there - we got the tickets at at least half off, plus we got coupons for a restaurant that we frequent often for breakfast ... and here's the big plus it was a jersey night so we all got jerseys of a great player!  Now we all have something to wear to school / work when it's theme team day.  Here we are sporting our jerseys ... sorry it's a cell phone picture - you can only do so much with those...

We ate hot dogs, nachos, foot high icees and ... dun dun dun duuuuunnn ... cotton candy!!  Which my youngest did not like and proceeded to wipe out his mouth with his new jersey - which is now black, gold and pink.

The game was followed by a fireworks show and concert by Collective Soul ... brought back our college days ... 

Now here's what impressed me the most about the night - it was a sold out game and so the twelve gazillion times we had to go to the bathroom with one or the other of the boys (after drinking the foot tall slushy in 2.1 seconds flat) there was no line - at the ladies room !!! and there was a woman in there keeping it clean and supplied.  

As a mom who has to take little boys to the potty upon a request that should have been made 5 minutes ago and is now a true emergency and who usually has to broken record the "don't touch anything don't lean on anything no i mean that don't touch that - no don't put your hands anywhere near your - oh my gosh not your mouth - wait  stop agghhh germs - do you realize the germs...." It was such a pleasure at this ball field - thank you!! way to go!!!!  You guys did it right.

Yeah so I'm easy to impress.  As far as what actually happened in the baseball game - really not sure - I think I glanced at the field maybe 3 times and there's one player who can bat well and run really fast with his dreadlocks dancing behind him as he speeds by - and oh yeah the perogie race was great... I think the yellow one won - woo hoo.

We had a wonderful time and would definitely go to another game ... the next time we get free tickets ...  

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